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Value and Challenges for Precision Oncology Realisation in Real World Practice

APAC Oncology Summit 2023 Webinar

NGS and precision oncology in Australia: insights from Profs Peter Gibbs and Svetlana Cherepanoff

In this article, Prof Peter Gibbs and Prof Svetlana Cherepanoff discuss the issues surrounding the clinical integration of NGS in Australia….

NGS and precision oncology in Taiwan: insights from Dr Jan-Gowth Chang and Dr Jason CH Hsieh

NGS and digital applications for oncology management can help improve early cancer detection and prevention, reducing human and economic costs of the cancer. In this article, Dr Jan-Gowth Chang and Dr Jason CH Hsieh explore the current use of these technologies in Taiwan and their hopes for the future. …

NGS and precision oncology in India: insights from Dr Amit Rauthan

In this article, Dr Amit Rauthan shares insights on the challenges and opportunities for greater NGS adoption in India. …

Clinical and Economic Impact of Upfront Next-Generation Sequencing for Metastatic NSCLC in East Asia

This study aimed to evaluate the economic impact of upfront NGS compared to testing modalities in East Asian patients with mNSCLC, by using Hong Kong as an example. …