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Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer has a high disease burden in APAC, with 50% of global cases and 60% of global deaths occurring in APAC. Almost all (99%) cervical cancer cases are linked to infection with high risk human papillomavirus, which is easily preventable through vaccination, advances in screening, and appropriate treatment. However, barriers still exist that prevent some women from being screened for cervical cancer

Expert Opinions

13 May 2024

No woman left behind: Increasing access to testing for cervical cancer elimination

13 May 2024

Advancing women’s health: Project Teal drives cervical cancer screening in Hong Kong

Key Publications

13 May 2024

Impact and opportunity: the case for investing in women’s cancers in Asia Pacific

13 May 2024

WHO guideline for screening and treatment of cervical pre-cancer lesions for cervical cancer prevention

13 May 2024

Recommendations for Use of p16/Ki67 Dual Stain for Management of Individuals Testing Positive for Human Papillomavirus

Webinars and Symposiums

21st International Congress of Cytology – HPV Primary Screening with Biomarker Based Triage: A better cervical cancer screening strategy

IPVC 2023 – How Peru broke down barriers to cervical cancer screening

IPVC 2023 – Optimising screening and triage for cervical cancer: Prof Mark Stoler on why biomarkers are best

AOGIN 2022 – Advancing women’s health: optimising cervical cancer screening in Thailand

AOGIN 2022 – Advancing women’s health: HPV screening methods in Singapore

Disease Awareness

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