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Past Virtual Events

Debate: All resectable stage II to III NSCLC patients should be treated with neoadjuvant immunotherapies

Management of early-stage NSCLC with driver mutations

21st International Congress of Cytology – HPV Primary Screening with Biomarker Based Triage: A better cervical cancer screening strategy

IPVC 2023 – How Peru broke down barriers to cervical cancer screening

IPVC 2023 – Optimising screening and triage for cervical cancer: Prof Mark Stoler on why biomarkers are best

AOGIN 2022 – Advancing women’s health: optimising cervical cancer screening in Thailand

AOGIN 2022 – Advancing women’s health: HPV screening methods in Singapore

APASL 2024 Kyoto Seminar

Watch the APASL 2024 seminar recording to hear experts share key updates on curative approaches to HCC management, treatment apporaches for BCLC-B uHCC, and real world…


ESMO 2023 Symposium – Redefining Lung Cancer Together: A New Era For Patients

Missed the satellite symposium session from ESMO 2023? Access the webcast recording here.


ESMO Asia 2023 Symposium – HCC illuminated: Exploring future frontiers with systemic immunotherapies

Missed the satellite symposium session from ESMO Asia 2023? Access the webcast recording here.


Guiding the way: The role and value of algorithms in liver disease care journey

PIVKA-II in action: Clinical case studies on HCC surveillance and management

Panel discussion: Charting directions: Integrating new algorithms and approaches in practice

Navigating the Health Economic Data in APAC: Present challenges and future directions

HCC Surveillance in China: A Journey Towards Improving Patient Care and Outcomes

Real World Data Unveiled: Results and insights of GAAD in surveillance population

The Practice in Japan: Insights into gold standard HCC surveillance and management

The right tools at the right time: Liquid Biopsy enters the clinic

The field of clinical oncology continues to see drastic advancements with non-invasive techniques, such as liquid biopsy being adopted for diagnosing and monitoring cancers in place…


No time to wait: Evolving testing & treatment landscape in early stage lung cancer

Lung cancer has seen tremendous advancements over the past decade with the emergence of targeted therapies directed against mutant onco-proteins and immune checkpoint inhibitors. Join the…


ESMO 2022 Symposium – Redefining Lung Cancer Together: Now and Next

Missed the satellite symposium session from ESMO 2022? Access the webcast recording here.


Value-based care in lung cancer: a case study from Belgium

To enable value-based healthcare, several important steps are needed. In this presentation and Q&A, Ingel Demedts discusses the project “Value-based care in lung cancer: a case…


Digital Tools to Drive NGS Clinical Application for the Future

The growing amount of clinical data available for each patient, clinicians need to manage massive genomic information, histological analysis tools, and clinical trials and publications. They…


Connecting Oncology and Pathology in the personalized care of NSCLC patients

Treatment landscape of NSCLC has been evolving dramatically in the past ten years, and biomarker testing is becoming increasingly complex. Join the webinar to hear from…


Clinical Utility of Liquid Biopsy in EGFR testing for Lung Cancer

Several EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors are recommended by international guidelines as first-line treatment for patients with EGFR mutations. While tissue biopsy samples continue to be the…


The importance of EGFR CDx testing and recent treatment updates in early stage NSCLC

Several EGFR Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors are recommended by international guidelines as first-line treatment for patients with EGFR mutations. A robust and approved Companion Diagnostic (CDx) assay…


Lung Cancer Diagnostics Post COVID – a Multidisciplinary View

Various diagnostic tools play indispensable roles in diagnosing, staging, treatment selection & monitoring of lung cancer patients. Join the webinar to hear from pulmonologist Dr James…


APASL 2023 Taiwan Symposium

Watch the APASL 2023 symposium recording to hear experts share key updates on HCC surveillance, diagnosis, uHCC management and adj HCC systemic treatment.


Value of PIVKA-II in surveillance and treatment monitoring for patients with advanced HCC

This presentation has 2 parts. In the first part of this presentation, Prof. Nobuharu Tamaki discusses the diagnostic utility of PIVKA-II in HCC, and the potential…


HCC Patient Journey and biomarkers’ roles in the HCC management

Detection of HCC at early stages remains a challenge, with less than 20% of patients being diagnosed at an early stage, when they can benefit from…


The clinical utility of HCC algorithms as aids in the diagnosis of HCC

In this presentation, Prof. Ming Lung Yu discusses the results of his study, which aims to address the diagnostic accuracy of HCC using Elecsys GAAD algorithmic…


Review of PIVKA-II expert consensus from APASL presentation

In this presentation, Prof. Do Young Kim reviews the results of the APAC expert consensus study on the utilization of PIVKA-II in the surveillance and monitoring…


APASL 2022 Seoul

The liver cancer landscape has been undergoing a period of rapid transformation. From early detection of HCC using new biomarkers, to new immunotherapy treatment options. Watch…


Global HCC Expert Series

Join our experts for a series of on-demand webinars, focused on clinical insights and knowledge from the fields of oncology, hepatology, interventional radiology, and surgery, to…


APPLE 2021 – Biomarker In HCC Surveillance And Treatment: The New Evidence On The Horizon

Join the webinar to hear speakers Prof. Henry Chan and Prof. Hui Chuan Sun as they discuss the use of PIVKA-II and GAAD score as promising…


APASL 2021 – The First Line Treatment in Unresectable HCC: From Evidence To Practice

Join the webinar to hear speakers Prof. Henry Chan, and Assoc. Prof. Teerha Piratvisuth as they discuss the clinical usefulness of PIVKA-II in HCC surveillance, as…


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