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Precision Oncology

7 November 2023

Value and Challenges for Precision Oncology Realisation in Real World Practice

In this interview, Prof Chiu discusses the value of NGS testing to identify lung cancer driver mutations to detect and treat lung cancer early. He also…

23 August 2023

NGS and precision oncology in Australia: insights from Profs Peter Gibbs and Svetlana Cherepanoff

In this article, Prof Peter Gibbs and Prof Svetlana Cherepanoff discuss the issues surrounding the clinical integration of NGS in Australia.

17 August 2023

A framework to rank genomic alterations as targets for cancer precision medicine: the ESMO Scale for Clinical Actionability of molecular Targets (ESCAT)

This study proposes a unified framework to classify targets for precision cancer medicine based on clinical evidence of utility, to aid oncologists in prioritising potential targets…

11 August 2023

The impact of the multi-disciplinary molecular tumour board and integrative next generation sequencing on clinical outcomes in advanced solid tumours

The integration of next-generation sequencing (NGS) comprehensive gene profiling (CGP) into clinical practice is playing an increasingly important role in oncology. Therefore, the HKU-HKSH Multi-disciplinary Molecular…

22 May 2023

NGS and precision oncology in Hong Kong: insights from Dr Lam Tai-Chung

In this article, Dr Lam Tai-Chung shares how his institution has had first-hand experience of landmark cases and outstanding treatment responses from using NGS in seemingly…


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