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APASL 2023 Taiwan Congress Report

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APASL 2023 Taiwan Symposium

Watch the APASL 2023 symposium recording to hear experts share key updates on HCC surveillance, diagnosis, uHCC management and adj HCC systemic treatment.

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12 April 2023

PIVKA-II: Confidence in HCC surveillance and diagnosis: Prof. Ming-Lung Yu

In this video, Prof Ming-Lung Yu, Chair Professor of Hepatology at Kaohsiung University Medical Hospital, discusses how PIVKA-II can complement AFP and Ultrasound in assisting clinicians in the early detection…

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17 March 2023

Utility of Combining PIVKA-II and AFP in the Surveillance and Monitoring of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in the Asia-Pacific Region

A panel of 17 experts from Asia-Pacific, gathered to discuss and reach a consensus on the clinical usefulness and value of PIVKA-II for the surveillance and treatment monitoring of HCC,…

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