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A meta-analysis and of clinical values of 11 blood biomarkers, such as AFP, DCP, and GP73 for diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma

Meta-analysis of biomarkers for HCC diagnosis, including AFP, DCP (PIVKA-II), GPC3, GP73, Hsp90alpha, midkine, and OPN

Quick Summary

Hepatocellular carcinoma lacks ideal diagnostic biomarkers. There is a lack of scientific evaluation of relevant promising biomarkers as well. Therefore this study reanalyzes the related studies of 11 blood biomarkers of HCC, and compares the diagnostic value of these biomarkers for HCC systematically.

The authors found that the combination of AFP and other biomarkers improved the diagnostic efficiency. The diagnostic value of biomarkers including DCP (PIVKA-II), GPC3, GP73, Hsp90alpha, midkine, and OPN was higher than that of AFP. GP73 had the best diagnostic value for HCC.

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