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Recommendations for the Use of Next-Generation Sequencing and the Molecular Tumor Board for Patients with Advanced Cancer: A Report from KSMO and KCSG Precision Medicine Networking Group

Quick Summary

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is becoming essential in the fields of precision oncology. With implementation of NGS in daily clinics, the needs for continued education, facilitated interpretation of NGS results and optimal treatment delivery based on NGS results have been addressed. Molecular tumor board (MTB) is a multidisciplinary approach to keep pace with the growing knowledge of complex molecular alterations in patients with advanced solid cancer. The purpose of these recommendations is to: 

  • provide an opportunity to share relevant clinical insights and experience among experts through the treatment guidelines development process
  • suggest a systematic process to oncology experts when conducting NGS tests, interpreting results, and making relevant therapeutic decisions
  • help determine the optimal treatment strategies through multidisciplinary approaches by suggesting the effective operation of the MTB.

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