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Advancing women’s health: Project Teal drives cervical cancer screening in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, cervical cancer ranked as the 8th most common cancer and cause of mortality amongst women in 2019 [1]. Despite a national screening programme implemented in 2004, studies show that close to 40% of women have never been screened before in their lives [2]. With cervical cancer incidence increasing, there is a clear need for action to drive HPV awareness and education, as well as to improve screening rates, especially in underserved communities.

The Karen Leung Foundation (KLF) is the only charity in Hong Kong dedicated to tackling gynaecological cancers, including cervical cancer. Through Project Teal and other initiatives, it is partnering with key stakeholders to increase access to cervical cancer diagnostics in various communities.

To learn more about their efforts toward eradicating this preventable disease, read this interview article with Katharina Reimer, Executive Director of the Foundation.


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