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IPVC 2023 – Optimising screening and triage for cervical cancer: Prof Mark Stoler on why biomarkers are best

p16 and Ki-67 are two biomarkers that indicate the presence of transforming HPV infections. The use of p16/Ki-67 dual staining in the triage of HPV positive results leads to better disease detection, allocation of limited healthcare resources, and peace of mind for the patient. Simultaneously detecting p16 and Ki-67 can also help clinicians recommend follow-up for women who will benefit most from colposcopy, resulting in more disease detection without increasing the colposcopy rate.

In this recording from IPVC 2023, Prof Mark Stoler of the University of Virginia Health System discusses the key benefit of simultaneously detecting p16 and Ki-67 in HPV screening. Watch the recording to find out more.

Prof Mark Stoler

Professor Emeritus of Pathology & Clinical Gynaecology, University of Virginia Health System, United States

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