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Liver Disease in Asia Pacific: Insights from Prof Pierce Chow

In this Q&A, Prof Pierce Chow of the National Cancer Centre Singapore discusses the epidemiology of liver disease in Asia Pacific; key considerations around the clinical management of common liver diseases like HBV, HCV, fatty liver and HCC; and the critical role of diagnostics in ensuring early detection and effective treatment.

  • [00:09] – Prof Chow’s current roles
  • [00:57] – Main risk factors for liver cancer in Asia Pacific
  • [03:25] – Reasons why HBV is so common in Asia Pacific
  • [04:42] – Liver cancer burden in Asia Pacific
  • [06:46] – Best approaches to HCC surveillance
  • [08:10] – Barriers to accessing HCC surveillance services
  • [10:36] – Digital tools that improve HCC surveillance services
  • [11:32] – Key treatments available for liver cancer patients
  • [14:44] – Lab-clinician collaboration opportunities in liver cancer care
  • [15:46] – Role of policy makers in liver cancer screening and care

Watch the full Q&A below (click the buttons on the play bar to jump to any specific segment that interests you).

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